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Positive Change

The FREE program is designed to empower adults to make a positive lifestyle change to assist you in removing some of the barriers that you face in getting in to the labour market. The course promotes health and wellbeing and enables learners to live a more active lifestyle.

The course is split between online learning and face to face delivery. Learners will be required to attend the face to face workshops each week, details which willbe in enrolment emails regarding location, dates and times.


  • Over 19
  • A resident based in Suffolk who has lived in the UK for 3 years


  • Gaining in Health and Fitness Confidence
  • Setting & Achieving Goals
  • Importance of Exercise and Diet
  • Planning and Participating in Gym Based Exercise
  • Physical Activity and Health including Behaviour Change
  • Employment Opportunities within Leisure

You must fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Unemployed and actively seeking employment.
  • On JSA or ESA
  • From a rural area or area of deprivation
  • Learning disability or physical/ sensory impairment
  • Experiencing/ recovering from mental ill health
  • Below Level 2 or less than 5 GCSE
  • Older adults

FREE full all inclusive fitness package across SLT GROUP on completion of the course

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