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We have created our very own Consultancy Agency - Infinite Management Solutions.

Infinite Management Solutions is able to offer tailor made programmes bringing over 30 years industry experience in local government that has established a wealth of experience with both public and private sector associates and clients.

Infinite Management Solutions

The new company’s intention is to primarily concentrate in the leisure field but will continue to support other local authority service areas and options available, particularly where there is synergy and demand for a broader mix or a collaborative approach.

The main focus of the Director for the past 12 years has been to specialise in all aspects of strategic commissioning for local authorities, including, full options appraisal of services, procurement and contract management on the following services including;

  • Contract Management
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Community Sport & Leisure Development
  • Play Development & Maintenance
  • Option Appraisals
  • Asset Management
  • Business Development

Providing a range of services based around making improvements to the delivery, bringing that local ownership, accountability and ultimately improvements to the bottom line. The lead Director, working with a range of industry experts, who have a thorough understanding of managing services and programmes will provide a tailor made programme and a solution to meet the local objectives;

The service is focused on creating and delivering solutions. Whatever the detail, we will guarantee the production of original and practical recommendations that lead to action and the implementation of programme to deliver results.

Our extensive industry experience and wide ranging contacts provide a broad range of expertise and best practice. We are particularly skilled in identifying and brokering business opportunities and bringing partnership working forward.

The service provided will add much needed capacity and resilience that will help clients achieve their aspirations, particularly where a short turn around is needed.

All associate members are highly experienced and motivated. They are able to apply practical, senior level knowledge based on the successful delivery of services and a whole range of tailor made options, expert in solving problems or finding solutions to the challenges facing the local authorities and services in general.

What we can do

  • Review of existing contract arrangements
  • Review of existing in house service provision
  • Review of service performance
  • Financial performance and assurance
  • Best delivery model for locality
  • Target zero subsidy ‘plus’
  • Implementation of preferred option
  • Support for delivery
  • Ongoing review to ensure continued success
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Short term and emergency contract management
  • Short term and emergency direct management
  • Community consultation and engagement with stakeholders
  • Provide governance and contract management
  • Support tender submissions


  • Reduction in net subsidy/increase profit return
  • Increase user participation in services
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Return on investment
  • Limit capital liability
  • Local ownership and influence
  • First class service and facilities

Suite of Options

  • Design, Build and Management
  • Financing models
  • Grant funding options
  • Insourcing and outsourcing models
  • Leisure Development Partners

Best Practice

  • Links with lead bodies and synergy with national best practice
  • Service designed to strategic need and local objectives
  • ‘Whole systems’ thinking


  • Legal and Procurement methodology and documentation
  • Tailor made services
  • Robust governance based on service outcomes
  • Facility and model mix to maximize market placement

Added Value

  • Making the most out of partnership working
  • Benefits to health and local links
  • Long term service sustainability
  • Access to a wide network of associates 
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