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SLT Group Community is a virtual online community where users can interact with one another and find vital services in the local community. These services include, adult weight management, smoking cessation, mental health and wellbeing, physical health and more.

Brought to the community by SLT group, we have harnessed the power of our already successful #thecompleteyou app to bring users a new way of interacting, learning and improving your health wellbeing and education all in one place. Our FREE SLT Group Community portal allows users to access a free health and wellbeing support, allowing anyone to begin to make positive changes in their lifestyle and behaviours.

Through the SLT Group Community portal users can connect with like minded people with similar barriers to physical activity and join specific groups such as mental wellbeing support, diabetes support, cardiac health support and pre and post-natal support to name a few. The community can connect users in new ways and help each other thorough their own health and wellbeing. They can create new and fun opportunities to improve their own health and wellbeing, simply by connecting and communicating with one another. The portal also allows users to connect with other support networks run by our trusted partners such as OneLife Suffolk. All of the support groups have dedicated and qualified health professionals on hand to answer questions and users can share experiences with others. A problem shared is a problem halved. 

Dowload the #thecompleteyou app from Google Store or the Apple App Store now. Check out the video below to see how the app works and the health and wellbeing benefits it can bring into your lifestyle.

Check out our video.. 


Users can sign up for FREE educational courses such as our Positive Change course. Users can use the portal and private groups to discuss not only the current work that has been set, but also use the comments section to arrange health activities outside and inside the facilities. We have a range of FREE adult educational courses from making positive lifestyle changes, improving employment opportunities, family support and more, all of which can be signed up through the portal. The portal becomes a talking shop for our educational learners to flourish in a comfortable environment.

Alongside our free educational courses, users can also register their interest for our paid career enhancement course such as the Level 2 Award in Fitness Instructing and also the Level 3 Award in Personal Training. We will be adding more courses in the future. Do you need further training within the health and wellbeing industry and we haven’t already got you covered? Well let us know and we can help you on your employment journey.


The portal can also help you set achievable health and wellbeing goals and track your progress using the dedicated progress tracker. You can track anything from weight, body fat percentage and heart rate to flexibility, strength, smoking, balance and nutrition. In the progress section you can see real progress in real time however big or small your health and wellbeing objectives may be.

Our challenges section is where you can join community challenges such as “amount of steps” and “calories burnt” to increase your motivation to be physically active and in addition you can also set your own challenges amongst groups, peers and the community. We will set monthly, bi-monthly challenges to give all users the chance to win rewards within our physical leisure sites. This could be anything from free healthy bite to eat, to free swims, to even free memberships. Helping you make that first positive step on your own health and wellbeing journey.

The portal also has a direct link to our parks and outdoors project Love Exploring which has enabled Lowestoft to become a new and interactive world full of dinosaurs and fairies, making exercise fun and discreet for all ages and abilities. Last summer already saw many schools take part in competitions to win prizes and you won’t even know you are exercising as you hunt for augmented reality dinos, fairies, coins and many more collectables.


As part of the PRO membership, users can access bespoke nutritional plans tailored made to their individual needs. You can track your daily food and calorie intake, set target goals over a set time period. Our nutririon app allows you to track your progress, adjust accorindly and even gives you a break down of your plan including the amount of carbs, fats and proteins you should be taking on board. The app allows users to select different styles of plans from durable to athletic to high in protein to low carb.



If the FREE community portal is not enough, then you have the chance to upgrade to our PRO version which gets you all of the above but also access to our online workouts and nutritional support. Our online workouts are designed for use at home, in your own time and comfort around you and your busy schedules and are for all ages and abilities, even for little ones. You can even take them into the leisure facility to complete. The videos guide you through, step by step and minute by minute varying topics and physical activity goals. Our complete nutritional support enables users to set themselves realistic nutritional goals and track their food intake based on their bespoke plan. Simply add food items to your daily intake, take into consideration your daily steps and daily exercise and follow the plan set with your goals at its heart. All this is for only £5 per month. Our current members will get the PRO version added to their current #thecompleteyou user experience.

With a PRO account you get access to even more SUPPORT;
- More goals
- More progress metrics
- Access to over 2000+ exercises and activities
- Clear 3D exercise demonstrations
- The best PRO training plans
- Create your own plans and print them
- The full nutrition program

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